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Puno, PERU

Puno is a city at 12,421 feet above sea level where the highest navigable lake in the world is located. Lake Titicaca and its majestic landscapes are home to a few Andean communities where customs and practices have barely changed. Puno was home of several of the Pre-Inca cultures such as the Pukara culture.

Downtown Puno is located about six blocks away from the main harbor of the lake. In Downtown Puno, you will be able to visit the Cathedral or enjoy the most popular folk music in Peru live at local restaurants. The Cathedral is a master piece of art representing a combination of the Andean and Spaniard cultures.

The Uros islands are a total of 41 floating islands made out of Totora reeds. The inhabitants of the islands live thanks to the tourists who visit the islands daily. The islands are located about 30 minutes away from Puno.

The Amantani and Taquile islands are two natural islands located about four hours away from Puno. The natives of the islands maintain their customs and social organization based on communitarian collectivism. These islands will give you the opportunity to learn about their culture by spending the night with a local family.

The Chulpas of Colla in Sillustani are an example of one of the pre-Inca cultures settled in Puno before they were conquered by the Incas. The Umayo Lake and the Chulpas will give an incomparable landscape.

From Puno to Cusco a tourist bus will drive you through the Pre-Inca ruins of Pukara, the Inca ruins of Raqchi where the Wiracocha Temple is located, and the town of Andahuaylillas where you will visit the “Sistine Chapel of South America”.

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