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About Us -

Inca Trail Machu Picchu and are managed by knowledgeable Peruvian travel agents. Our California Seller of Traveler number 2085372-40, issued by the state of California, authorizes us to do business in the US. In addition, we monitor the services that we provide in Peru directly. 

The main goal of is to provide an outstanding service to its customers. In order to accomplish this goal, our staff is constantly developing strategies to make sure that the services and packages that we offer are adequate and satisfying to our customers.

The packages offered through this website give you several benefits. Please find below the benefits we include in each package:
* Travel to Peru with a reputable company which takes care of its customers, the environment, and the Peruvian laws
* Get used to the altitude. Our packages have been designed to help you to acclimatize to the altitude
* Visit the main Southern Peru Cities. By visiting them, you will learn about the rich Peruvian culture while trying the exquisite Peruvian cuisine
* Be confident about the services that are provided
* Great accommodation based on location, customer service, and comfort
* Professional and bilingual tours guides
* Fair prices

Finally, we would like to mention that we are members of the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA # 900181553).

We invite you to review our selection of Inca Trail and Machu Picchu Tours

P.O. Box 64698
Los Angeles, CA 90064
T: 1800.930.4319
F: 1866.800.0724
E: info AT
Headquarters Peru
Calle Peru 202
Suite 8. Arequipa, Peru
T: ++54.315053
Our Cusco Office is located at:
Calle Choquechaca 229 - B
Cusco, Peru
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Call TOLL FREE : USA & Canada 1800.930.4319
Call us from the UK: 0800.242.5434

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