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Huayllabamba Inca Trail  

Preparation for the Inca Trail

Getting in shape for the Inca Trail

The Classic Inca Trail is a total of about 28 miles from day one to day four. During the second day, the trail consists of stairs going up and then down for the majority of the day. These conditions require that hikers are on good physical shape to really enjoy the Inca Trail and landscapes. A person who is used to hiking or exercising a few times per week would not have as much difficulty as a person that is not used to exercise.

When exercising, please make sure that your routine includes exercises to strength your legs as well as cardiovascular activities. It is highly recommended that you hike a long trail (5-10 miles) at least once per week. If you are planning on carrying your own belongings during the trek, please make sure that you hike these trails with a rucksack or backpack weighing as much as you will carry during the trek.

If you have asthma, a respiratory condition, or a heart condition, please ask your doctor for advice before hiking the Inca Trail.

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